Visiting A Homeopath

Your first consultation takes about one and a half hours and involves taking a detailed case history where you will be asked about your current complaints, your personal and family medical history, general lifestyle including dietary habits and preferences, sleep patterns etc. How you feel emotionally will be part of your unique way in which you express your symptoms and so you may be asked with care and sensitivity some questions in this area. Anything you can say about your thoughts, moods and feelings will help your homeopath choose the best remedies for you. Often as people take their time over telling their story it forms part of the healing process.

You may rest assured that all information given is confidential.

Subsequent appointments are usually at monthly or six weekly intervals and will take approximately 45 minutes. A long-standing problem needs the commitment of a few regular visits but you should find some improvement during the course of treatment. The duration of treatment does depend on the individual response and how long you have been unwell to bring about a complete and gentle cure. Some changes are usually noticed quite quickly and more acute complaints are likely to respond to treatment rapidly.

Homeopathy is used to maintain a high level of health and energy and you may experience wishing to see a homeopath from time to time to ensure well being as life’s circumstances constantly alter.

The consultation is held in a tranquil setting where you will sit with your homeopath and discuss your concerns. Notes are taken to help the homeopath make informed choices at each of the sessions.